Implementation of ERP system on Start – up Business, Increasing 20% customer’s satisfaction

One of Indonesian marketplace company increase until 20% level of customer satisfaction through the ERP system. The bookkeeping process is also balanced with the ever-increasing volume of transactions. Interestingly, the ERP system can be tailored to the needs of business and type of business. The ERP system also helps in maximizing expense control, distribution, order and customer purchases so that customer relationships are better.

Based on, Implementation of ERP system can be started from small-scale medium as the basis for business growth. ERP system will be an affordable solution for business operations. Before developing a business you should try to implement ERP information system solutions in your business operations. So when it is ready to expand the system you have also been adequate.

The importance of ERP system (Enterprise resource planning) as the key success has been recognized by many small business actors in Indonesia. Such as, One of small Indonesian business, a packaging plastic manufacture. The ERP systems, helps planning, control and reporting systems be more accurate and fast. This system helps our team to quickly determine the direction of business. More importantly provide the best service to our customers.


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