We C&C Technic was established in 1981. For the recent years, we intend to invent more advanced products to satisfy clients’ need, so now we thoroughly develop the product series like computer peripheral products.

For assuring our client, we even procure the ISO-9001 approval certificate in 1998. In addition, we highly treasure the functionality of R&D department, who contribute to our company the most innovative products; hence, we produce these products in our own Mainland China factory. Anyway, C&C Technic always pursues to create the distinguished products not only to fulfill those OEM clients’ need but also to vie with the rest of adversaries.

In the near future C&C Technic will persistently foster the superior products to satisfy clients’ request, continue to extend superlative service and quality for reassuring clients, and dedicate to expand C&C Technic reputation and brand name through the whole world.

Find reliable sourcing partner with C&C Technic. The company will participate at area i3Expo of INDOCOMTECH show from 1-5 November 2017. Located on Jakarta Convention Center, Assembly Hall, Booth No.81-82


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