MIFA always adheres to making every product in the most loyal way. To offer all music lovers freedom to enjoy it,
To bring you who stick to realizing personality the boundless happiness. MIFA invites you to our outdoor activities, to unburden yourself, and totally get indulged in music world.

Understand well your desire and demand, When you suffered a number of pressures; When self-confusion and pressure can’t be released; Encourage you to go outdoor for a new journey To search and discover, To feel and realize free and simple life,
We are not escaping from life, But choosing another way closer to our lives, Just be yourself.

The essence of music, no following with trends, just be faithful to your own ears. Don’t care about other people’s eyes ,
just be the decision maker of your own style. Personal tailored journey full of challenge, to experience charming and splendid exoticness. You can absolutely advocate your personality. The real charisma of music comes from one’s self discover.

Find reliable sourcing partner with Shenzhen Mercury Innovations Science & Technology Ltd. The company will participate at area i3Expo of INDOCOMTECH show from 1-5 November 2017. Located on Jakarta Convention Center, Assembly Hall, Booth No.74 – 75.


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