Thank You


For Your Interest In Visiting Show

The registration is offered to those who agree to our term and condition as follow:

  • Visitor registration is required for each person to enter i3EXPO.
  • The registration confirmation will be emailed to your registered e-mail account.
  • Please print out confirmation letter and bring it to the Pre-Registration counter.
  • Use office or formal attire. The organizer reserve the right to restrict entry to visitor who are not appropriately dressed (slipper, short).
  • No leaflet distribution to exhibitors or visitors.
  • No smoking is permitted inside exhibition hall, stairwells or in elevator, lobbies or venue building.
  • Show badges must be worn at all times.
  • Visitor badge is valid for 5 days event

The organizer are entitled to make, or to have made on their behalf, visual and sound recordings, as well as sketches of exhibition stands or individual exhibits, for the purpose of documentation or for their own publications. This also applies to any persons included in such recordings.

Please tick “Agree” and click “Register” to proceed to the registration form if you accept to our term and conditions.